Review for top movie streaming apps

There are tons of movie streaming applications available in the market today. But none of them are alike. May be the first website that comes to your mind is YouTube and why not it is Globally one of the best video streaming website. You can look for educational, dance, theory or entertainment videos easily on YouTube.

movie-streaming app

Nowadays YouTube has become a medium for earning money while sitting at home. Now if we search for the best movie streaming applications for Android to download then we have to be sure that it is indeed the best one. And that is why today we are here to give you reviw on the top 5 movie apps and their pros and cons. Let’s see which one fits in your gadget.

Review of top movie streaming apps

  • NetFlix

NetFlix is the great granddaddy of all other movie streaming applications. While most of the apps appear to be fake and difficult to download, NetFlix bridges the gaps between your device and the app easily. It provides you one of the best movies, tv shows, videos and news through its application available on Google Play Store or via its official website.

The app can be downloaded with the minimum subscription charges that are $9 per month. Though the charges appear to be a lot, if you actually use the app it would surely impress you with its unlimited features and video quality.


  • Excellent movie and series collection
  • Runs with utmost ease on all devices and platforms
  • It has a good recommendation system


  • Quite expensive than others to be precise
  • Titles changes quite frequently leaving no time users to analyze
  • There is limited content in regards to brand new update. 
  1. Hulu

Hulu completes your entertainment requirement through getting you one of the best stuff from across the globe. While cable tv cannot provide you with all the seasons of your favorite shows and movies, Hulu has the capability to give you HD video links for all the episodes you want to watch through Hulu.

It covers all the basic genres of movie streaming applications like Sci-Fi, Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure,  Horror, Comedy and biographies.


  • Inexpensive
  • Good video quality
  • Great movie selection as compared to other applications


  • Annoying commercials
  • Cumbersome user interface
  • Crashes due to heavy traffic in peak hours.
  1. Terrarium Tv

Terrarium Tv has been working on Android gadgets successfully. It is a new entry in the digital world and as per a new entry Terrarium Tv has done a wonderful job with the application. It provides its customers with all the basic features like HD quality movies and tv shows, 15 plus language and subtitle selection, resolutions according to your phone’s compatibility and ChromeCast support.

Terrarium Tv is one of the best movie streaming application as it updates its movie and tv show collection every day. You can find the latest episodes just the next day of its release. As well as the directly works through Google and that is why the downloading speed of the video links is quite high.


  • Free of cost
  • HD video quality
  • Great stock of movies and tv shows
  • Lightening fast downloading speed


  • Subtitles can’t be downloaded with videos directly
  • Sometimes links are not available for particular movie or episode
  1. Crackle

Crackle is not one of the best as compared to other applications but possibly can be counted in top due to its movie and tv show collection. It apparently has a good amount of commercials which  you have to sit through as there are no subscriptions charges.

While the programming is not exactly blockbuster type, Crackle can by enjoy for a long time due to its great collection of movies, videos and tv shows.


  • Free of cost
  • Good content overall
  • Entertainment is unlimited


  • Lots of commercials
  • Irritating user interface
  • Rotating videos can be annoying at a point of time.
  1. ShowBox HD

ShowBox HD is yet another movie streaming application that can be called as the most pioneer member of the digital market now. With lots of ups and downs Showbox has managed to secure its place through new entries and old applications.

ShowBox has a great collection of movies and tv shows like Vampire diaries, Game of Thrones, Supernaturals, Family guy, Modern family and Friends. All the content available on ShowBox has trustable links and HD quality view. The app still has commercials and a little slow downloading speed. Still the only app that is available for cross platform viewing.


  • Good Gothic user interface
  • Great collection of movie and tv shows
  • ChromeCast support
  • Free


  • Slow user interface
  • Limited content to watch
  • Annoying commercials in between the videos

click to download Showbox ad-free version


Movie streaming apps are the most entertaining applications for any platform you can think of. All the apps mentioned above are quite good at their work as compared to other applications. The review given above is based on personal use therefore it can vary with every use.

Top Mobile Apps To Stream Popular TV Series For free


I remember my favorite series screening every Thursday 8:00 o’clock at night. I used to watch them with extreme interest but unfortunately some of it I missed either due to important work or a party at family friends house. It use to be a terrible feeling.

In those old school days waiting for t repeat was quite irritating but yes we managed somehow. I sometimes get surprised with this unbelievable technology and revolution in our smartphones. Nowadays you just don’t need to sit in front of that huge television screen and wait for our favorite tv show to screen via the cable operator. I guess this handy smartphone is just enough for it.

Now you can watch tv shows on your phone with different tv show streaming applications. They fortunately allow you to download, stream and watch unlimited tv shows for free on your devices. Well If you want me to tell you the best tv streaming application, then let me tell you, it is very hard to do so because there are plenty of them .

And that is why today we are here to discuss the top 5 tv show streaming application.

  • Terrarium Tv

Terrarium Tv is a brand new tv show streamer for Android users. It especially allows you to download and stream all your favorite shows for free anytime and anywhere you want. It possibly is one of the best video link provider. You can explore all new episodes and ols classic episodes of your favorite shows.

There are famous shows like Game of Thrones, Supernaturals, Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, How I met your mother, Vampire Dairies and many more. All available in different resolutions with different languages.

Vampire Diaries

  • ShowBox

I must say ShowBox is a pioneer movie streaming application. It has been entertaining people for a very long time now. Users are tied up with it due to its excellent video quality and good collection of shows and movies to watch. It definitely lets you explore incredible videos, movies and tv shows for free.

With all the entertainment ShowBox also occurs to be the best offline and online streamer. It allows you to cast tv shows on your home television screen through ChromeCast facility. You an surely count on it for your entertainment.  But this app is not available at Play Store. To use this app you have to download the Showbox APK file and install it t your phone.

  • NetFlix

NetFlix has te ability to make people go crazy about the application. It was the first movie streaming app to get a revolution in the world og digital world. Netflix today also is one of the best, you can download, stream and watch free movies and tv shows on your various devices.

Netflix offers you HD video quality movies, tv shows, different resolutions, child lock and a lot of other features with a basic subscription fees for a month, three months, 6 months and an entire year.

  • HotStar

HotStar is a movie and tv show application that runs with a basic subscription fees per month. It is capable of showing you live screening of sports and other news coverage. Youi can watch any episode of n number of tv shows. There are unlimited movies of different genres, languages and countries. Users get recent episodes of new releases like Game of thrones, supernaturals and many other series.

  • Viewster

Viewster is yet another application that allows you to watch movies and tv shows on your small screen for free. It has a good collection of all episodes of every season you want to watch. Viewster gets updated regularly with new shows, episodes and changes in the application.

It definitely provides you trustable links, 15 plus languages and on demand subtitles. You surely don’t want to miss this application, it certainly entertains you to your hearts content. Users don’t need to worry about child lock, or virus or malware and any such thing like that. Viewster takes care to provide you the most secure video links for best entertainment ever.

Wrap up

All the 5 tv shows applications mentioned above quite amazing and excellent with their links and user interface. They have very smooth and flawless working on any device or platform you want them to work on.

‘Bourne’ Back At #1 & ‘Ice Age’ Skates To $300M+, Both With China Assist; ‘Pets’ Passes $700M WW – Intl Box Office

Bourne rode back to the top of the international box office this weekend, coming off of a $50M start in China which broke records for the franchise there. In total, JBrevved up a $56.8M weekend in 62 markets to take the offshore total to $198.5M. That pushes it past The Bourne Legacy and puts it just under $17M shy of The Bourne Ultimatum‘s overseas record for the series. It will cross that this week. The global tally is $348M.

ice age collision cource new

China grosses were also key this frame to Ice Age 5 which captured $42.5M worth of acorns in the market and logged its biggest opening weekend in 2016 for a non-local animated title. At No. 2 for the international weekend overall, the frame was $50Min 37 markets. The overseas nut is $306.7M.

Bourne and Ice Age were both released on August 23 in China and widely outperformed holdovers. It’s been a soggy season at Middle Kingdom turnstiles, but the market saw the clouds part to a degree — at least as far as Hollywood is concerned — with both Bourne and IA5‘s local perfs accounting for a little over 48% of the full Top 10 international grouping this frame. By comparison, on the same weekend last year, Chinese receipts repped about 41% of the Top 10, but included Terminator Genisys’ second session and the debuts of two local films. No Chinese movies made the cut this time around.

Elsewhere, last weekend’s champ, Illumination/Universal’s The Secret Life Of Pets, lapped up $24.6M in 57 territories to lift the offshore kitty to $371.2M. The dog and cat and bunny (and more) tale has crossed $700M worldwide, collaring $724.4M.

Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad slayed another $19.6M in its 4th frame, lifting the supervillains to $353.1M overseas and $636M global. Also notable from WB, Lights Out crossed $60M offshore after a $9.6M weekend while Paramount’s Ben-Hur and STX’s Bad Moms each bagged $6.3M.

This was largely a holdover/expansion session. There were no major studio wide releases, although Sony’s Don’t Breathe began its offshore career in seven markets with $1.9M, and Jason Statham-starrer Mechanic: Resurrection hit about 20 hubs. The weekend on that film falls at $6.1M internationally (we do not yet have individual territory reports).

Next weekend, we’ll keep an eye on Star Trek Beyond which beams into China on September 2 and has local investment from Alibaba Pictures and Huahua Media.

Breakdowns on this weekend’s films above and more have been updated below.

Lights Out Box Office at 900% Profit

Lights Out and other cheaply made horror films continue to be favorites of major studios in spite of the fact that they seldom spend longer than one week at the top of the box office charts.

In the case of the new horror-thriller, which was based on a short film, it never even reached number one. However, when produced for under $5 million ($4.9 million is the reported total, according to Box Office Mojo), there is a very low barrier to success.

 lights out

For Lights Out, that success was achieved in week one when the film grossed more than $20 million domestically.

It has since continued to play strongly in spite of the fact that it has been beaten out in gross terms by bigger-budgeted films.

No matter, though. As Star Trek Beyond and Ghostbusters struggle to make up their nine-figure budgets, Lights Out has turned a 900 percent profit as of Friday, July 29’s numbers.

The box office for Lights Out has surged past $40 million and now sits at $44.107 million, which works out to more than nine times what the film cost to produce.

In addition to all but ensuring a sequel, the performance puts Lights Out into the heralded halls of new century horror like The Purge series (now up to three films — the original, Anarchy, and Election Year).



With The Purge: Election Year, the worldwide total climbed to just north of $90 million before it finally ran out of gas (also a 900 percent gain on the budget).

Unlike that previous film, Lights Out still has room to grow with strong daily performances and a place in the middle of the top 10 with continuing projections for the same this weekend.

No, it will not gross as much as The Purge:Election Year, but it’s right on par with expectations, and as long as the studio doesn’t needlessly up the budget, Lights Out movies could be around for some time to come.

Still, not everyone is necessarily happy with how the film turned out.

Nevertheless, a genre that has long been beholden to tired faces like Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and Freddy Krueger could use a little fresh blood, and that’s what they’re getting here, though the actual red stuff isn’t quite as prevalent in this PG-13 affair.

It’s a departure for Lights Out champion James Wan, too. While Wan has graduated to blockbusters like the Fast and Furious series, as well as the DC Extended Movie Universe, he still has a soft spot for horror as evidenced in his Insidious, Saw, and The Conjuring series as well as — to a lesser degree — Dead Silence.

Dead Silence is the one horror film he’s had a hand in that never received sequels.

While there is still time for that to happen, it is far more likely that studios will want to reinvest in films with proven profit centers like The Purge and Lights Out.

But what do you think, readers?

Was Lights Out worthy of a part two, and which horror movies out there that haven’t gotten sequels yet would you like to see turn up in a cineplex in the near future? Sound off in the comments section below.